Young Writers Workshop is underway!

February 3rd, 2014

Our Young Writers Workshop is underway and it’s a real pleasure working with such a switched-on and passionate bunch of young writers.

Week 2

Our first guest writer was Craig Baxter, who led a discussion on Michael Frayn’s Copenhagen. We focused on two topics of discussion: the use of stage directions and roles for women in contemporary plays. There was great debate around both topics and the young writers showed their eagerness to engage with both the mechanics and the politics of contemporary playwriting.

Week 3

For the third session of the Young Writers Workshop, we had an inspiring visit from writer, Suzy Marston.  She is in the privileged position of writing for specific performers: the students at Impington Village College where she is Director of Performance.   Suzy led an excellent session on Pinter’s ‘Betrayal’, really firing up our cohort of young writers.

Week 4

Carl Miller (whose adaptation of Emil and the Detectives is currently showing at the National Theatre), led the session on Angels in America by Tony Kushner. Our group was split down the middle – extreme reactions to the play, both positive and negative. Great food for thought though, particularly on the subject of emotion: how the playwright weaves it with the ideas and questions they are exploring, and whether it’s there for the performers or the audience to experience. Also passionate advice from Carl for our playwrights to stay true to their play, despite ‘advice’ from actors, directors and other interested parties!


Follow our Young Writers (Lilly, Tilly, Eli, Dani and Hugh(ey)) through their blog!


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