Syringa TreeVision and aims

Menagerie aims to create, support and inspire new writing in the East of England.

We work with artists at all levels from first-time writers to nationally recognised playwrights, as well as an outstanding ensemble of designers, actors and producers. Over the past ten years the company has focused on establishing a unique space where we can discover new artists and produce quality new work, as well as operating as a regional resource for individuals and organisations.

We have developed a way of working that focuses on partnerships. The commitment and sustainability of our work is strong because writers, actors and producers are given the opportunity and time to develop together.

In the East of England, Menagerie acts as a conduit to support initiatives run by other agencies and organisations whilst creating our own independent and flexible focus for playwrights. This way of working supports our primary goals:

  • to produce new plays
  • to discover new playwrights
  • to support new, emerging and established playwrights
  • to support all artists in the creation of new work

The resulting work reflects the richness of intensive preparation, the depth of joint ownership and the spontaneous vitality of original theatre.