Hotbed Diary of Events


One Act Plays OA

Monologues M

Readings R

Workshops / Discussions WD

One Page Plays OPP

Films F

Storytelling S

Guest Production GP

Thu 26 January

F 5.30pm: Hotbed Short Films

OA 7.00pm: Forgive Our Paranoia

OA 8.15pm: Necessary Evil

OPP 9.15pm: One-Page-Play-Comp-Athon

Fri 27 January

WD 10.30am: Page to Stage: Workshop 1

M 1.00pm: Roaring Voices (F,G,H,I)

WD 2.00pm: Writers’ Workshop

F 2.30pm: Hotbed Short Films

WD 6.00pm Hotbed Writers’ Conversation

OA 7.00pm Piglet

M 8.15pm Roaring Voices (A,B,C,D,E)

OPP 9.15pm One-Page-Play-Comp-Athon

Sat 28 January

WD 10.00am Page to Stage: Workshop 2

M 10.00am: Food For Thought: Breakfast

S 11.30am: Family Storytelling

M 12.30pm: Food for Thought: Lunch

R 1.00pm: Ellen

WD 2.00pm: State of the Nation

S 3.00pm: Storytelling

WD 3.15pm: Getting to Where You Want To Be

S 4.00pm: Storytelling

OA 4.00pm Forgive Our Paranoia

OA 5.00pm Piglet

OPP 5.30pm: One-page-plays: Young Writers

M 6.00pm: Food for Thought: Tea

S 6.00pm: Storytelling

S 7.00pm: Storytelling

OA 7.00pm: Necessary Evil

GU 8.15pm: Silent

OPP 9.45pm: One-Page-Play-Comp-Athon

Sun 29 January

M 10.00am: Food For Thought: Breakfast

WD 11.00am: Masterclass

M 1.00pm: Food for Thought: Lunch

R 1.00pm: Marvel

F 2.00pm: Hotbed Short Films

WD 2.00pm: Homelessness: a discussion

3.00pm: Marathon Part 1:

OA Necessary Evil and

M Roaring Voices Monologues E, G, H

4.30pm: Marathon Part 2:

OA Forgive our Paranoia and

M Roaring Voices Monologues I, F, B

6.00pm: Marathon Part 3:

OA Piglet and

M Roaring Voices Monologues A, D, C

OA 7.30pm Hot News

GU 8.15pm Silent

OPP 9.45pm: One-Page-Play-Comp-Athon

The Final

All events take place at The Junction

For tickets call: 01223 511511 or online at: