Menagerie Young Writers


A collection of three new one act plays from The Menagerie Young Writers’ Group, (16-25) specially commissioned for Hotbed.

Immobile by Daniel Hutchinson

Beached by James McDermott

Violet Night by Rebekah Miron-Clayton


Written by Daniel Hutchinson

Without any compromises, Immobile tackles the dark heart of modern living.  Closed off from the outside world , a boy and a girl struggle to function in society.  Wrapped up in their own issues, they strive to control the crisis that encompasses them and escape from the lives they have created.

Daniel has been working within the realms of theatre since the age of six.  At the age of fifteen, he wrote and directed a play at The Tower Theatre in Kent.  He studied Creative Writing at both Bachelors and Masters Level at The University of Essex, where he directed various shows.  He has written, directed, produced and worked on a number of shows at The Lakeside Theatre in Colchester.



Written by James McDermott

Morrissey obsessed Jimmy lives in Sheringham. He wishes he was anyone else and anywhere else in the world. Then his bicycle punctures on a hillside and a charming man in a Daewoo Matiz drives into his life, turning it completely upside down.  Will Jimmy learn to love, laugh and live regardless of who and where he is?  Beached  is a coming of age story, a coming out story and a story about stories.  

James McDermott is currently in his final year of a BA in Scriptwriting & Performance at the University Of East Anglia. He has had plays performed at the INK New Writing Festival in Suffolk and at London’s Southwark Playhouse. His one man play All At Sea has just been long-listed for the Kenneth Branagh Drama Award. James is soon to teach playwriting to young people at The Sheringham Little Theatre.


Violet Night

Written by Rebekah Miron-Clayton

In a makeshift fort of duvets and blankets, under a canopy of fairy lights, King, Tiger and Raspberry invent a reality to replace the one in which they are trapped. Tormented by shadows and a strange swinging dark shape, the three young siblings create a world in which they are free to be anyone and anything they choose. But will the dawn bring relief or a terror more frightening than the dark?

Rebekah-Miron Clayton is a second year undergraduate student at Homerton College, Cambridge, studying Education with English and Drama. Her poetry and playwriting have previously been published in Notes, Miracle E-Zine, Cambridge Creatives and the Mays Anthology XXIII. She is currently president of Homerton Amateur Dramatic Society, an editor at Rainy Fiction and Chair of Cambridge Creative.

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These Young Writers plays are ‘Made in Cambridge Productions’  produced by Menagerie

Sunday 12 July, 2.30pm – 4.00pm






The Tinder Game by Michelle Sewell

Happy Birthday by Lindsay Oldham


The Tinder Game

by Michelle Sewell

The Tinder Game is a haunting and comic play about a young generation’s questionable morality, isolation and search for connection. When Liz, an enigmatic 20 something-year-old, decides to join the mad, obsessive world of the Tinder app, she seeks the attention of Chrissy, James and Abi to instantly gratify her need for sex, love and companionship. 

Michelle Sewell is an Australian scriptwriter.  Amongst her credits, her play, Write Into A War, was produced by Theatre 503 and INK Festival.  She is currently completing her MA in Creative Writing Scriptwriting at the University of East Anglia.

Happy Birthday

by Lindsay Oldham

Mummy’s been away a long time, but finally she’s back, and just in time for her party. Sarah and Jack will get to see her: Daddy promised. But why is she hiding behind the living room door?  And what made her go away really? Maybe there are more things going on in the house than they think…

Lindsay is a PhD student at the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge. She has had her poetry and short stories published in a number of university-wide anthologies, including the journal Footnotes, and recently she had a poem exhibited at Oxford’s Bodleian Library.

These Young Writers plays are ‘Made in Cambridge productions’ produced by Menagerie

Sunday 12 July, 5pm – 6.15pm

Cost: £5