Young Writers Workshop 2016



The fruits of our 2016 Young Writers’ labours were on show at the Hotbed Theatre Festival, July 7 – 10th 2016 at Cambridge Junction, and also at Oxford Playhouse.   Two plays got fully produced:  The Summer Before Everything by Bohdan Tokarsky and Maria Montague, and Flog by Josie Dale Jones.   Audiences also got to see readings of new plays by 4 further writers from the workshop: Kevin Forde, Olivia Neaves, Jess Dickinson and Sam Lucas.

We were privileged to host 4 very special guest writers who shared their own insights, questions and struggles of the writing process.  They were April De Angelis, James Fritz, Sudha Bhuchar and Craig Baxter, all of whom inspired our young writers in very different ways.

Menagerie gratefully acknowledges the support of Cambridge Junction for the workshops, and the Golsoncott Foundation, the Garrick Charitable Trust and the Thistle Trust for supporting the Young Writers’ Showcase at Hotbed 2016.