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bloominauschwitz short film

Written by Richard Fredman

Performed by: Patrick Morris

Directed by: Rachel Aspinwall

Produced by: Sarah Crompton

Menagerie commissioned and developed this new piece over a 3-year period.  We previewed it at several venues in 2015, when it won BEST NEW PLAY AWARD at the Brighton Fringe.  The final preview was a special invitation to the international Progressive Theatre Festival at the Czech National Theatre, Brno, in October 2015.  The piece is currently being re-developed for production in 2018 at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Written by Richard Fredman, bloominauschwitz imagines Leopold Bloom breaking free of James Joyce’s great novel ‘Ulysses’ to re-discover his Jewish roots.  Bloom bounds back and forth through time and across Europe and bumbles into the dark heart of the 20th century – and that’s just the half of it.  Mixing clownish antics with high drama, rich text and powerful imagery, it features Menagerie’s own Patrick Morris in the role of Bloom.

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bloominauschwitz is an explosive piece of theatre right from the start, though it confounds audience expectations in doing so.  It deals in big ideas about identity, collective and personal memory, the force of history, and the dynamic between our pre-written stories and the life we try to forge.  It is unashamed in asking its audiences to engage fully with it, while offering an unforgettable theatrical experience.  It is a tour de force from Patrick Morris, and a major piece of new writing from Richard Fredman.

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