Trumpington Voices

A Public Art Project by Menagerie Theatre Company 2017-18, in collaboration with

Clay Farm Community Centre.

Trumpington Voices  is a public art project which recorded and shaped the voices of a diverse community undergoing a process of radical change and re-shaping.  It captured people’s stories about how ‘Place’ impacts upon their lives.  The place in question is the established community of Trumpington and the new communities of Clay Farm, Trumpington Meadows and Glebe Farm which are currently under construction.

The project involved interviewing up more than 65 people who live in Trumpington, particularly around the interface of the new and established inhabited areas.  Menagerie Theatre Company worked with Cambridge playwright Craig Baxter to compose these voices into a text.  The result was a high-quality piece of spoken word, professionally conceived and supported, with the majority of the performers drawn from the community.  It was a major community event, held on June 8-10th at the Clay Farm Centre.  The legacy will feature a sound archive of the collected interviews, a text of the performed play, and an online photo gallery of the process, all of which will be freely available.

Patrick Morris, co-Artistic Director of Menagerie, lead the project.  Full information available on the project website,